A Poker Tournament Dedicated Exclusively To Women

We invite you to take stock today of a particular tournament that took place with our French friends, and more particularly in Brittany, on Sunday March 18, 2018. The Moreac poker club has indeed organized a tournament … 100% female ! So you will understand: only the ladies were invited to come and play, while the gentlemen then played the role of croupiers or bartenders.

An annual meeting

Ladies’ Poker is in fact an essential annual meeting, which is particularly close to the heart of the president of Ramjam poker Breizh, Me Alexandra Ernecq. This 4th edition, which welcomes many enthusiasts and players from several clubs in the West, therefore took place on Sunday, at the multipurpose hall and it is important to note that this event is to date the only one of its kind. in Brittany. It is therefore not surprising to see that it now has loyal players such as players generally from the clubs of the West, who appreciate the conviviality and that it continues to attract followers by taking advantage of a entertaining and happy atmosphere.

With the participation of Laetitia Le Labousse

This day of competition, a star stood out more than the other players in this day of poker. Indeed, we were able to benefit from the presence of Laetitia Le Labousse, both a member of the Lorient club and that of Moréac. If you follow a little the world of poker players with our French neighbors, this name certainly means something to you, because the young woman recently distinguished herself during a national tournament which took place over five days, in Paris. While she was the last female player in contention, she finished honorably in 44th position, out of a total of 1,300 participating players.

Meetings under the sign of solidarity

But it is not only the pleasure of 马来西亚赌博网 competing around the mat between girls that is felt in this tournament. Apart from this small opportunity, in addition to being served that day by men, the Ramjam ladies poker also has the particularity of being dedicated to Babies of the heart. A rather judicious concept since the registration to the tournament is free, but the participants are invited to bring one or more childcare articles, toys, food, hygiene products… An opportunity for these young ladies to show generosity . This 2018 edition was even marked by the presence of a person willing to be associated with the donations, “owners of several 马来西亚博彩 mobile homes who are renewing all their equipment for childcare articles. “. Indeed, the Moréacois club has benefited from donations from several mobile home owners who wish to sell their old childcare equipment. It is in a way an incredible chance and an excellent opportunity for the association, especially in this very cold season which has spread over the department since the beginning of the year. It is indeed a boon for Alexandra, because due to the snow and the ice which raged in Ile-et-Villaine, this Sunday morning, several players of Rennes gave up traveling.

While the tournament was played between only 27 players, all the donations were handed over on Monday March 19 to the babies’ antenna of the Restos du cœur in Lorient; an approach which has also enabled several candidates to achieve a momentum of solidarity and meet people while enjoying the poker games.

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